Estate Planning for Young Entrepreneurs


Young entrepreneurs who are building  successful business and have heirs need a a comprehensive estate plan specifically designed to their needs and goals!

The challenge with estate planning is that if you don't do it, the things that you don't want to see happen might indeed happen.  It's far too easy for a lifetime of wealth and work to be squandered if you don't have the proper controls in place.  Most entrepreneurs work very hard for decades to build a business and a sizable amount of wealth.

We have created The Young Entrepreneur Trust, an instrument specifically designed to anyone included in these categories:

  • Entrepreneurs with successful businesses, heirs (or others they care about) and a complex financial situation.
  • Serial entrepreneurs with interests in multiple entities.
  • Those approaching exit of their business where proceeds will be more than they've ever had before, which will require a plan to ensure it goes the way they want it to go.
  • Those who now recognize that the plans they have in place today are not adequate to fulfill their dreams and wishes.
  • Successful entrepreneurs who have not updated their estate plan in over a decade.
  • Those who come from affluent, multi-generational families that have multiple trusts, assets, wills and heirs and need someone to help them unify it all so they are not subject to loss, over-taxation or theft.
Do you fall under any of the above categories? Our Young Entrepreneur Trust is the perfect tool for your estate plan!

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