O-1 Visa: Individuals of Extraordinary Ability or Achievement



January 31, 2019

The O-1 visa is a visa that can be obtained from a person who demonstrates his “excellence” and the excellent results achieved in his field of activity.

In the collective imagination, the O-1 visa is a visa for artists such as actors, singers or models.

In reality, different categories of people can aspire to this type of visa: professors, academics, researchers, doctors, chefs, inventors, singers, musicians, actors, sportsmen, painters, sculptors, writers, dancers, photographers and artists in general. Many professionals are also linked to the world of entertainment and art such as hairdressers, makeup artists , choreographers, set designers or producers. Not only what is commonly understood in general as art but also proven excellence in business can apply for this type of visa.

The excellent results achieved must be demonstrated by the high level of notoriety achieved, the coverage of a critical role for a world-renowned organization or institution, the high remuneration received, awards and acknowledgments received, and so on.

There are two categories of O-1 visa :

O-1A :  for people with extraordinary abilities in science, education, business or sport.

O-1B :  for people with extraordinary abilities in the field of art or who have achieved extraordinary results or prestigious awards in the field of television or film.

The O-1 visa allows the so-called “double intent” that is to say, during the period of validity of the visa its owner can (if he wants) have a migratory intent and then request the green card.

Applicants for this type of visa  are not required  to maintain residence in their country of origin, as many other visas require. Those who have an O1 visa can also apply for a Green Card (permanent residence in the USA).

The standard for obtaining a visa is very high. The documents that demonstrate the ” extraordinary ability”  that must be produced are part of a very detailed list.

The help of an immigration lawyer is necessary to obtain this visa.

Note. This article simply wants to provide general information. I try to update the content periodically, but I can not guarantee the update at the time the article is read. No one should act based on the information contained therein without obtaining a prior opinion from a professional able to analyze the particular circumstances of an individual or a company. (Read the disclaimer )

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