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If you just created a new trade name, logo or slogan for your business, or you have a new brand, product or marketing campaign and want to protect it, you will need to file a trademark application. The attorneys at BFF Legal will take the guesswork out of preparing, filing and obtaining valuable trademarks before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as well as the State of Florida Department of State. We also prepare trademark clearance searches. conduct trademark research and render trademark opinions. In addition, our Miami Trademark Office protects brands globally through applications based upon the Madrid protocol – helping companies protect their Miami trademarks worldwide.

The attorneys at BFF Legal have experience in protecting and enforcing a wide spectrum of our clients' copyrightable works, including but not limited to music, literature, fictional characters, architectural works, websites, and software. Whether through drafting and negotiating license and assignment agreements, identifying work-for-hire issues, or handling authorship and joint authorship matters, we can assist you in building and securing your copyright portfolios. In addition to providing our clients with strategic advice relating to growing and increasing the value of their copyright portfolios, we can also provide our clients with more specific copyright-related issues such as open source and service level agreements.

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