At BFF LEGAL, we focus on all aspects of business-based and family-based immigration law.

We understand that for businesses to grow and be successful they need an immigration strategy to attract and integrate the best candidates from around the world seamlessly into their workforce. We understand that this means that businesses need to partner with an experienced immigration attorney who can support them to make sure that the immigration process that their employees have to go through has minimal impact on their employees as well as their business operations. Whether you are planning on hiring your first foreign worker on a temporary visa or a multinational company looking to transfer staff from your offices overseas to work at your offices in the United States using inter-company transfer visa, we have the experience to help you realize your objectives.

The need for the best possible advice on immigration law and a compassionate immigration attorney to help re-unite the family unit is of paramount importance. The attorneys of BFF LEGAL has successfully helped families and individuals to overcome immigration hurdles on their journey to building their new lives in the United States.We have helped unite many families across the United States by bringing our considerable experience and knowledge of the immigration law to bear on our client's immigration matters. We do not promise the unattainable, but we will explore every legal avenue to help you achieve the results that you desire and deserve.

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