Estate Planning for Blended Families


At BFF LEGAL, our main goal is to protect blended families and their assets through estate planning. Our attorneys, through their own personal experiences,  understand perfectly the complexities involved in a blended family. Discussions related to money or  the distribution of someone's inheritance can be challenging in any family. However, the dynamics of a blended family can make these discussions even more difficult and  critical.

Proper estate planning can alleviate your concerns about your unique family situation, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out. Why does this matter for your estate planning? Since not all families are alike, you can't rely on an off-the-shelf estate plan or make assumptions based on other families' experiences. Work with an experienced estate planning attorney to understand the obstacles and opportunities available to you and your family.

Every family presents its own set of challenges, both personal and legal. At BFF LEGAL, we have created a trust specifically designed for Blended Families: The Blended Family Trust.

This instrument will help you achieve the following goals:

- benefits your spouse during his or her life while ensuring that those assets ultimately end up with the beneficiaries YOU choose.

- in case your husband dies, you want to protect your assets from a highly conflictual biological mother who will use everything, including her own children, to get a portion of your husband estate.

- Additionally, you want to make sure that your defunct husband's child support obligations towards his ex-wife do NOT FALL ON YOU!

- in case you die, you want to make sure that your biological children are not treated differently from your step children or, even worse, completely excluded from their inheritance.

Our Blended Family Trust will help you achieve ALL OF THESE GOALS. It was designed taking into considerations all of these issues and the complexities involved in a blended family dynamics.

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